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<br /> <br /> <br /> <br />Administrative guidelines are designed to maintain the competitiveness, appropriateness, integrity and <br />consistency in application of Teton County’s salary plan for County employees who are not dispatchers or <br />sworn officers*. These guidelines address the method of revising the pay structure and managing employee <br />movement through the range to maintain a structure that is internally equitable and externally competitive. <br /> *The Step & Grade pay structure adopted for dispatchers and sworn law enforcement officers is described in <br />Attachment A to these Guidelines. <br /> <br />ANNUAL SALARY PLAN ADMINISTRATION <br /> During the preparation of the new fiscal year budget, Board of County Commissioners will consider the <br />following: <br />1. Budget a market adjustment to the salary schedule every one or two years. A market adjustment <br />increases the market rates of the pay plan, and thus moves the entire pay structure’s minimum, market <br />and maximum rates. This part of budgeting is usually considered part of the cost of doing business <br />similar to adjusting for increases in fuel or supplies. A market adjustment does not provide an <br />automatic increase to employees. <br />2. Budget a merit adjustment for those employees who are consistently exceeding job standards and <br />expectations, or for special cases where employees provided specific extra performance during the <br />past year while continuing to meet overall expectations. The merit adjustment is usually budgeted as a <br />separate line item and is maintained in the Commissioner’s budget. <br /> <br /> To determine the percentage increases for market and merit adjustments, the County (or its human <br />resources consultant) should contact the same employers that participated in the salary and benefits survey, <br />and ask them what adjustments they are making to their pay plans. The County should then average the data <br />received and use that average as the basis for the above increases; this method will ensure that the County is <br />maintaining a competitive position with other employers in its market area and with regional price increases. <br />The county may contact BDPA, or other consultants who maintain salary adjustment information, to obtain <br />general trend information at no charge. <br /> <br />SALARY RANGE STRUCTU RE <br /> The salary range is designed based on a pay for performance philosophy. <br /> The salary range structure consists of a series of salary guidelines with minimum and maximum dollar <br />values that represent the lowest and highest salaries the County would normally pay employees in jobs <br />assigned to each range. Based on standard compensation methodology, each range is approximately 40% wide <br />from minimum to maximum and each range is divided into four target areas: Hiring Range, Proficient Range, <br />Market Range and Superior Performance Range. <br /> Range Minimum Market Point Range Maximum <br /> ↓ ↓ ↓ <br /> <br /> <br /> < 5% > < 5% > < 15% > < 10% > <br /> <br /> 5% below & 10% above market <br /> Hiring Range Proficient Range Market Range Superior Performance <br /> Range <br /> <br /> Revision: 4 <br /> Date: 8/27/18 <br /> Original Issue Date: 8/23/10 <br /> Number of Pages: 9 <br /> Approved: BOCC <br />TETON COUNTY ADMINISTRATIVE POLICIES <br />Salary Plan Administrative <br />Guidelines