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<br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />Teton County government exists to: (1) provide services and functions mandated by the State of <br />Idaho; and (2) protect and enhance the health, safety and welfare of County residents. Every action <br />taken by Elected Officials and employees should promote one of these purposes and should be <br />undertaken in an ethical manner that promotes public trust and confidence. <br /> <br />County employees should: <br /> Work cooperatively and consistently to provide public service of the highest possible quality <br />and quantity <br /> Perform all tasks and conduct all affairs consistently in a manner that promotes a reputation of <br />integrity and impartial adherence to all applicable laws <br /> Treat members of the public and other employees with dignity and respect and in a manner <br />which builds trust and credibility <br /> Scrupulously avoid personal behaviors which would bring unfavorable public impressions upon <br />Teton County and its officials <br /> Avoid conflicts of interest and the appearance of conflicts of interest <br /> Protect all confidential information not considered a matter of public record <br /> Follow all applicable laws and speak up if they become aware of violations by other employees <br /> Read and follow all provisions of Chapter III of the Teton County Personnel Policy entitled <br />Rules of Employee Conduct and the Ethics in Government handbook published by the Idaho <br />Attorney General <br /> <br />County employees should not: <br /> Use their public position for personal gain <br /> Give preferential treatment to any person or entity <br /> Engage in abusive or hurtful conduct to fellow employees or to the public, whether in person or <br />via any other method of communication <br /> Participate in illegal activities, including discrimination on the basis of race, religion, gender, <br />age, disability or national origin <br /> Abuse employee benefit offerings <br /> Use county resources (including time, material, equipment and information) for personal gain <br />or to the benefit of persons not otherwise entitled to utilize those resources <br /> Accept gifts with a value greater than $50 (see Idaho Statute 18-1356) <br /> <br />In most cases, appropriate decisions can be made by using good judgment, based on high ethical <br />principles. However, if a situation arises where the ethically correct decision or action is not readily <br />apparent, Elected Officials and employees are encouraged to consult with their supervisor or with the <br />County Prosecutor, and to ask themselves the following questions: <br /> Have I been asked to misrepresent information or deviate from normal procedure? <br /> Would I feel comfortable describing my situation to my supervisor or to the people who elected <br />me? <br /> How would it look if this decision made the newspaper headlines? <br /> What would I tell my child to do? <br /> Is this the right thing to do? <br /> Does this follow county policy? <br /> <br /> Revision: 0 <br /> Date: 11/17/11 <br /> Original Issue Date: 11/17/11 <br /> Number of Pages: 1 <br /> Approved: BOCC <br />TETON COUNTY ADMINISTRATIVE POLICIES <br />Ethics