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<br /> <br /> <br />The County Clerk maintains a corporate credit card account for Teton County with US Bank in Driggs. <br />This is the County’s only authorized credit card account. The appropriate Elected Official or Department <br />Head is responsible for retaining documentation about every charge made to their card. At the end of each <br />month they must download their monthly statement from the US Bank website and submit a claim in time <br />for approval during the Board’s first meeting of the month. The claim should include copies of all charges <br />listed on the statement. Submitting claims for payment without an attached monthly statement is not <br />recommended. <br /> <br />Any Elected Official may obtain a personalized credit card by making a request to the Clerk. Any <br />Department Head wishing to obtain a personalized card for himself, or for an employee, must first obtain <br />Board approval. Such approval requires a written memo explaining why the credit card is needed. The <br />memo must be signed by the responsible Elected Official or Department Head and submitted to the <br />County Clerk for presentation to the Board. The Clerk will determine the credit limit for each card, <br />provided that no card receives a limit greater than $5,000 without specific Board approval. <br /> <br />Credit cards are used to reduce purchasing costs for the county. However, the convenience they offer can <br />result in impulse purchases or abusive practices. Inappropriate or improper use of a county credit card <br />may result in losing the card and its privileges. Depending upon the severity of the improper use, the <br />employee may be subject to disciplinary action. It is the duty of the responsible Elected Official, <br />Department Head or appointed Board to approve all credit card usage and to insure that this policy is <br />followed. <br /> <br />A county credit card should be used only if there is no other alternative. A business charge account should <br />be established if recurring purchases are made with the same vendor. <br /> <br />The procedures listed below must be followed when using county credit cards: <br /> <br /> Purchases of personal items, even with the intention of reimbursing the County, is strictly <br />prohibited (see Idaho Code 18-5701). <br /> Payment of sales tax is to be avoided unless there is no other option available. (Counties are <br />exempt from hotel room sales taxes if the bill is paid with a county credit card or via a direct bill <br />account. A completed State Tax Commission lodging exemption form (ST-104-HM) is typically <br />required.) <br /> Receipts and a monthly statement must accompany all claims and the purchases must be <br />charged to the appropriate budget line item. <br /> A County credit card cannot be used to purchase gas for vehicles not owned by the County, not <br />even for a private vehicle being used for County business. <br /> The County will not pay annual fees, late fees, interest payments, or carrying charges for credit <br />cards, unless such charges are caused by unusual, one-time circumstances. If any such charges <br />are incurred they must be paid by the responsible Elected Official or Department Head. Annual <br />fees for a gas-only card may be approved by the Board if requested. <br /> If necessary, credit card statements may be processed as “demand” payments in order to prevent <br />late fees and interest charges. The prompt submittal of a claim after receipt of a monthly credit <br />card statement will generally result in a timely payment. Demand payments of credit card <br />statements should be a rare occurrence. <br /> All applicable purchasing procedures must be followed. <br /> Revision: 4 <br /> Date: 10/24/2016 <br /> Original Issue Date: 6/15/11 <br /> Number of Pages: 1 <br /> Approved: BOCC <br /> <br />TETON COUNTY ADMINISTRATIVE POLICIES <br />Credit Cards <br />