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<br /> <br /> <br /> <br />Teton County email, computer, internet, copier, phone and voice mail systems are County property provided to <br />further County business. Employees are expected to use these various information technologies in a responsible <br />manner and to use good judgment to protect the physical and electronic integrity of all equipment, networks, <br />software and information. <br />Employees should have no expectation of privacy when utilizing any of the County’s information systems. The <br />County reserves the right to intercept, monitor, copy, review and download any communication or files created <br />or maintained on the County’s Information Technology (IT) systems. Incidental personal use is allowed <br />provided it does not interfere with work, consume County resources or create potential County liabilities. <br /> <br />Purchase & Installation of Computer Equipment and Software. Teton County maintains a standard <br />configuration for all networks and systems. Purchase and proper installation of network-compatible hardware <br />and software is critical for the proper operation of the county’s networks and efficient use of county dollars. In <br />order to maintain network integrity, written approval must be received from the IT Administrator before the <br />purchase of any computer, software, printer, scanner or other peripherals*. <br />In general, computers should be replaced every four years. <br /> The County’s IT staff and contractors are the only personnel authorized to add or remove computer <br />hardware, software or peripherals from computers connected to the County networks. Employees who perform <br />unauthorized work on the county networks may be subject to disciplinary action. <br /> *Peripherals include laptop computers, wireless access points, mp3 players, digital recording devices, etc. <br /> <br />Disposal of Computers and other IT Equipment. Any personal property no longer necessary for county use <br />must be disposed of by the Board according to Idaho Code 31-808, or 31-829 if the Board determines the asset <br />has greatest value as a trade-in. Idaho law allows personal property valued at $250 or less to be sold at private <br />sale without notice. All surplus IT equipment shall be returned to the IT Administrator in order to remove all <br />county-specific data and software and determine its estimated value. The hard drives of all laptops and <br />workstations will be removed and physically destroyed to protect County data. These workstations will then be <br />e-cycled. Equipment valued more than $250 must be sold at a public auction. A notice of such auction must be <br />published at least 10 days prior to the date of auction. A department head may request to reissue retiring <br />workstations to employees for home learning and computer training. The reissued workstations must then be <br />brought back to be e-cycled when they are no longer needed, or the employee no longer works for the County. <br />A contract must be signed by the employee receiving the used equipment before it will be released to them. <br />Failure to dispose of County property as described above may result in criminal penalties. No computer may be <br />disposed of until all county-specific information is permanently deleted from the hard drive. <br /> <br /> Software. Teton County purchases and licenses the use of various computer software programs for business <br />purposes and does not own the copyright to this software. Unless authorized by the software developer, Teton <br />County does not have the right to reproduce such software for use on more than one computer. Employees may <br />only use software on local area networks or on multiple computers according to the software license agreement. <br />Illegal duplication of software and its related documentation for personal use is prohibited. <br /> <br />Internet. Employees must remember that internet access is provided to enhance County functions. Incidental <br />personal use is allowed only as described above. Downloading of copyrighted, protected materials or software is <br />strictly prohibited. Prohibited internet sites include, but are not limited to, those containing offensive graphics, <br />images and language. Each agency head is responsible for overseeing their employees use of time and ensuring <br />their appropriate use of the internet. Accessing inappropriate material will lead to employee discipline including <br />dismissal. The County reserves the right to monitor all internet activity. <br /> <br />Social Networking. Use of social networking sites during work hours is not allowed unless required for a <br />specific work task. Employees using social networking sites during personal time away from work are <br />encouraged to remember that all postings become a matter of public record and may become part of the <br /> Revision: 3 <br /> Date: 4/10/2017 <br /> Original Issue Date: 11/17/11 <br /> Number of Pages: 2 <br /> Approved: BOCC <br />TETON COUNTY ADMINISTRATIVE POLICIES <br />Computers, Technology <br />& Information Security