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<br /> <br /> <br />This policy is intended to provide basic guidelines regarding the proper handling of cash receipts <br />(cash/checks/credit card transactions). Elected Officials are encouraged to adopt additional policies and <br />procedures if necessary to meet the unique circumstances of the departments they administer. <br /> <br />The Auditor’s office will utilize the form below to conduct periodic, unannounced reviews of cash <br />handling procedures and/or petty cash funds. The results of such a review will be provided to the Elected <br />Official and/or Department Head. If recommendations are made, the Elected Official or Department Head <br />must provide a written response. The County’s independent auditor will be given a copy of all reviews, <br />recommendations and responses. <br /> <br />Receiving Money. Every time a payment is received, a receipt must be hand-written, or the amount must <br />be entered into the appropriate software or accounting system, in order to provide a receipt to the <br />customer and a record of the transaction. Checks must be immediately endorsed with a “Pay to the Order <br />of” stamp. <br />Security. All cash/checks retained over-night must be locked in a secure location. <br />Daily Balancing. A periodic balancing procedure must be established by the Elected Official or <br />Department Head and followed by staff in order to double check the work performed against the actual <br />amount of cash/checks/credit card transactions collected and on-hand. <br />Deposits. Cash receipts must be delivered to the Auditor’s office at least every other working day, or the <br />first day after an amount greater than $200 has been collected, unless previous arrangements have been <br />made with the Auditor’s office. <br />Use of Cash Receipts. All cash collected becomes public property and must be deposited into the <br />County’s account. Cash receipts must not be loaned or borrowed for any purpose, and cannot be treated as <br />a departmental Petty Cash Fund. <br />____________________________________________________________________________________ <br /> <br />Unannounced Review of Cash Receipts and/or Petty Cash <br /> <br />Date of Review: ______________________ Time of Review: ______________________________ <br />Office/Department: ____________________________________________________________________ <br />Amount Verified: $___________________ Staff Member Witness: __________________________ <br /> <br />Observations: _________________________________________________________________________ <br />_____________________________________________________________________________________ <br />_____________________________________________________________________________________ <br />_____________________________________________________________________________________ <br /> <br />Recommendations (if any): ______________________________________________________________ <br />_____________________________________________________________________________________ <br />_____________________________________________________________________________________ <br />_____________________________________________________________________________________ <br /> <br />Signature of Reviewing Auditor: __________________________________________________________ <br /> <br />Recommendations were made and a response is required. Date response received: ________________ <br /> Revision: 0 <br /> Date: 7/23/12 <br /> Original Issue Date: 7/23/12 <br /> Number of Pages: 1 <br /> Approved: BOCC <br />TETON COUNTY ADMINISTRATIVE POLICIES <br />Cash Receipts