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TETON COUNTY ADMINISTRATIVE POLICIES Revision: 3Date: 10/28/2013 <br />Vehicle Use Original Issue Date: 9/14/09 <br />• Number of Pages: 3 <br />Approved: BOCC <br />1. PURPOSE <br />A. This Policy outlines the use of vehicles for work used on behalf of Teton County Idaho (County). <br />B. Operators of County -owned or leased motor vehicles shall always drive safely, legally and <br />courteously, remembering that they are directly responsible for maintaining both County -owned <br />property and public trust. <br />C. Employees are expected to operate vehicles safely. It is the policy of the County to provide a safe <br />working environment that protects employees and citizens from injury and property loss. The <br />County considers the use of vehicles part of the working environment. The County is committed to <br />safe, responsible employee driving behavior that reduces the risk of personal injury and property <br />loss. <br />D. This policy applies to all employees and County volunteers who regularly operate vehicles on county <br />business. These drivers will be referred to as "employee drivers" and will be reviewed by managers <br />and supervisors to ensure full implementation and compliance. <br />2. COUNTY ADMINISTRATIVE VEHICLES <br />A. The County maintains administrative vehicles for use by different employees traveling on official <br />business. These vehicles must be reserved in advance through the County Clerk's office. <br />B. Keys maybe picked up from the Clerk's office just before the vehicle is needed. The keys must be <br />returned to the Clerk's office immediately after the travel is completed. <br />C. If the vehicle has been taken out of the county, it must be returned with a full tank of gas. <br />A. Vehicles owned or leased by the County are to be used only for County functions. Any other type of <br />use must be authorized by the Board of County Commissioners. Personal use of a county vehicle <br />may be a taxable fringe benefit even if the county requires the employee to take the vehicle home <br />(see Taxable Fringe Benefits policy). <br />B. Elected Officials and Department Heads are entrusted with the care and keeping of the vehicles and <br />may assign that responsibility to an employee. <br />C. Employees who regularly drive their personal vehicles on County business are subject to the <br />requirements of this policy including: <br />1. Maintaining auto liability insurance with minimum state limits; <br />2. Providing proof of auto liability insurance to the Risk Manager on an annual basis; and <br />3. Maintain vehicle in a safe operating condition when driven on County business. <br />3. ASSIGNED OR PERMITTED DRIVERS <br />A. Each employee assigned to a County vehicle, or employees who operate a County administrative <br />vehicle, are required to have a valid driver's license. Employees who drive buses, vans with over 15 <br />passengers, or vehicles with a gross vehicle weight greater than 26,000 lbs must have a commercial <br />driver's license (CDL). Should an employee's driver's license expire, be revoked or suspended, the <br />employee shall immediately notify his or her supervisor. The employee's County vehicle -use <br />privileges will be suspended until the employee's driver's license has been fully restored and <br />validated. <br />