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Teton County Administrative Policies: VEHICLE USE, Attachment A <br />Acknowledgement of Receipt of Teton County Idaho <br />Vehicle Use Policy and Vehicle Assignment <br />I, acknowledge receipt of the Teton County Idaho Vehicle Use Policy <br />dated <br />Please initial each statement below if it is true. <br />I understand that it is my responsibility to read and understand the contents of this Policy. <br />I understand that I am obligated to perform my duties of employment in conformance with the <br />provisions of this Policy and any additional rules, regulations, policies or procedures imposed by the <br />department in which I work whether or not I choose to read the Policy. <br />I understand that this Policy may be modified without prior notice to me. <br />I understand that should this Policy be modified that I will be provided with a copy of the modification. <br />I grant Teton County the right to investigate my driver's license record at any time. My current driver's <br />license is issued from the State of and is license number <br />I understand the operation of this vehicle in a safe operating condition is my responsibility. If this <br />vehicle becomes unsafe, it is my responsibility to notify my supervisors immediately. <br />DATED this <br />day of <br />Print Employee Name <br />20 <br />Employee Signature <br />I, , provided a copy (either electronically or by paper) of the Teton <br />County Idaho Vehicle Use Policy, as adopted by the governing Board on <br />above, on this day of <br />-Place signed copy in Employee Personnel File- <br />20 <br />(Name - Title - Department) <br />to the employee named <br />