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° TETON COUNTY ADMINISTRATIVE POLICIES Revision: 2 <br />Date: 11/17/11 <br />Use of County Resources Original Issue Date: 11/24/08 <br />up Number of Pages: 1 <br />Approved: BOCC <br />Teton County resources, including time, material, equipment, and information, are provided to further <br />County business. Teton County email, computer, internet, copies, phone and voice mail systems are <br />County property. Employees are trusted to behave responsibly and use good judgment to conserve <br />County resources. Department Heads, Elected Officials and appointed Boards are responsible for the <br />proper use of resources assigned to their offices. Incidental personal use is allowed provided it does not <br />interfere with work, consume County resources or create potential County liabilities. <br />County business is open to public review, which means that employees have no right to privacy when <br />using county computers or phones. Teton County reserves the right to examine data stored on all phone, <br />computer and network systems through both physical examination and electronic monitoring. If the <br />information collected reveals violations to County guidelines or the law, the County may use its <br />discoveries for disciplinary actions and/or provide the information to law enforcement. All email on <br />county servers becomes a matter of public record, unless it contains non-public information as defined by <br />state statute. <br />Computers, Email & Internet. See "Computers, Technology & Information Security" policy. <br />Telephones. Teton County recognizes that employees will occasionally need to place and receive <br />personal phone calls during the workday. In all cases, personal calls should be minimal. Personal long <br />distance calls are prohibited. Excessive work time spent on personal calls is considered a misuse of <br />employee's work time and taxpayer funds; and may result in disciplinary action. All personal cell phones <br />and other communication devices must be kept in silent mode or turned off while employees are on duty. <br />Copy Machines. Teton County recognizes that employees may occasionally desire to make personal use <br />of County copy machines. Such use is permitted for small numbers of copies if they are made after <br />business hours and paid for at the rate established in the County Fee Schedule. <br />Heavy Equipment, Tools, Machinery and Shop Facilities. All heavy equipment, tools, machinery and <br />maintenance shop facilities are provided solely for use by county employees working on county projects. <br />Such equipment, tools and facilities shall not be used for non-public purposes. <br />