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�F ice" Revision: 0 <br />TETON COUNTY ADMINISTRATIVE POLICIES Date: 11/23/15 <br />TAS E RSTM Original Issue Date: 11/23/15 <br />• <br />Number of Pages: 3 <br />Approved: BOCC <br />When properly applied in accordance with this policy, the TASERTM device is considered a non -deadly control <br />device which is intended to incapacitate a violent or potentially violent individual without causing serious <br />injury. It is anticipated that the appropriate use of such a device will result in fewer serious injuries to deputies <br />and suspects. <br />Policy. Personnel who have completed training approved by this office may be issued a TASER for use during <br />their current assignment. Personnel leaving a particular assignment may be expected to return their issued <br />device. Court Security Officers, Bailiffs and Deputies shall only use authorized TASERs and cartridges. The <br />device may be carried either in an approved holster or secured in the driver's compartment of an official vehicle <br />so that it is readily accessible at all times. <br />(a) If the TASER is carried in a holster, the TASER shall be carried on the opposite side as the duty weapon. <br />(b) All TASERs shall be clearly and distinctly marked to differentiate them from the duty weapon and any other <br />devices. <br />(c) Whenever practical, two or more TASER cartridges shall be carried on their person at all times while carrying <br />a TASER. <br />(d) Personnel shall be responsible for insuring that their issued TASER is properly maintained and in good <br />working order at all times. <br />Verbal and Visual Warnings. Unless it would otherwise endanger personnel or public safety, or is impractical <br />due to circumstances, a verbal announcement of the intended use of the TASER shall precede the application of <br />TASER in order to: <br />(a) Provide the individual with a reasonable opportunity to voluntarily comply. <br />(b) Provide others with warning that a TASER may be deployed. <br />If after a verbal warning, an individual continues to express an unwillingness to voluntarily comply with lawful <br />orders and it appears both reasonable and practical under the circumstances, the operator may, but is not required <br />to, display the electrical arc (provided there is not a cartridge loaded into the TASER) or laser in a further <br />attempt to gain compliance prior to the application of the TASER. The aiming laser should never be <br />intentionally directed into the eyes of another as it may permanently impair their vision. <br />The fact that a verbal and/or other warning was given or reasons it was not given shall be documented in any <br />related reports. <br />Use of the Taser. As with any law enforcement equipment, the TASER has limitations and restrictions <br />requiring consideration before its use. The TASER should only be used when its operator can safely approach <br />the subject within the operational range of the TASER. Although the TASER rarely fails and is generally <br />effective in subduing most individuals, operators should be aware of this potential and be prepared with other <br />options in the unlikely event of such a failure. <br />Authorized personnel may use the TASER when circumstances known to the operator at the time indicate that <br />the application of the TASER is reasonable to subdue or control. <br />(a) A violent or physically resisting subject or, <br />(b) A potentially violent or physically resisting subject if: <br />