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° TETON COUNTY ADMINISTRATIVE POLICIES Revision: 1Date: 6/15/11 <br />Sandbags Original Issue Date: 5/09/11 <br />VP Number of Pages: 1 <br />Approved: BOCC <br />Purpose: The primary purpose of this policy is to ensure that sandbags are available to Teton County to <br />adequately respond to flooding emergencies or disasters in order to protect essential public property <br />within Teton County. The secondary purpose is to assist residents of Teton County by making sandbags <br />available to protect private property, when the availability of sandbag supplies allows. <br />Priority: Teton County will make sandbags available as supplies warrant, in the following priority; <br />Sandbags and material which are County property will be available to those County <br />departments for the protection of public property within the County. <br />Teton County will maintain a supply of approximately 1,500 sandbags. <br />Once it has been determined that public property is adequately protected as listed above <br />any extra sandbags will be available for public purchase at current County cost following <br />the priorities below: <br />-For the protection of life; <br />-For the protection of private property; and <br />-For the protection of the environment. <br />This policy may be changed during an active disaster declaration where additional <br />sandbag supplies may allow the County to distribute sandbags at no cost to the public. <br />The sole responsibility for protection of private property in the event of a flood lies with individual <br />property owners and not with Teton County. Sandbags and sand are available, inexpensively, at most <br />hardware and home improvement stores. In the event of large scale flooding, Teton County cannot <br />guarantee the availability of sandbags to private property owners. Therefore reliance on the County to <br />provide sandbags should not be considered as the primary means of protection. Owners of properties at <br />risk of flooding are therefore encouraged to keep, where possible, their own stock of sandbags and sand to <br />fill the bags at times of potential flooding. <br />Procedure: In the event of flooding the citizens of Teton County can call the Emergency Management <br />Coordinator at 354-2703 to see the current availability of sandbags and the current cost. <br />Proper disposal of sandbags is the responsibility of the property owners and not Teton County. <br />