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st IIF rri Revision: 0 <br />TETON COUNTY ADMINISTRATIVE POLICIES Date: 11/17/11 <br />Safety Original Issue Date: 11/17/11 <br />• Number of Pages: 1 <br />• <br />Approved: BOCC <br />Teton County is committed to providing a safe working environment that protects employees and <br />citizens from injury and loss. Every employee is expected to comply with the basic safety rules <br />listed below. In addition, employees are expected to follow any detailed safety rules adopted by <br />their specific department. <br />• Use common sense in performing your duties <br />• Report any work injury or illness to your supervisor <br />• Report unsafe conditions to your supervisor <br />• Do not use any equipment, vehicles or materials when overly tired, nauseated, feverish or <br />under the influence of any substance that may affect your judgment <br />• Keep your work area neat and tidy <br />• Use mechanical devices or request assistance in lifting heavy loads <br />• Wear seat belts when operating any company or rented vehicle or driving your own personal <br />vehicle while on company business <br />• Be sure that aisles or exits are kept clear; do not let cords interfere with walkways <br />• Keep paper clips, tacks, pins and other objects off the floors <br />• Store all sharp objects properly when not in use <br />• Open and close doors cautiously and use extra caution at blind hallway intersections <br />• Open only one file cabinet drawer at a time to avoid tip -over <br />• Report or clean up all spills immediately <br />• Use stepstools, platforms or ladders for climbing; never use chairs <br />• Report or replace frayed electrical cords <br />• Do not use cell phones or computers while driving a vehicle, except pursuant to exception(s) <br />described in the Vehicle Use Policy <br />Emergency Evacuation Plans and Re-entry: <br />In any emergency, employees should follow alarms or other alerts to evacuate the building and/or <br />area near the premises. Always follow basic evacuation procedures but remember that personal <br />safety is paramount and takes precedence. <br />• Check work area for anything needing to be secured and store it quickly <br />• Secure locks on all secured containers and cabinets <br />• Leave your work area and report to your supervisor <br />