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° TETON COUNTY ADMINISTRATIVE POLICIES Revision: 3Date: 11/28/13 <br />Records Retention Original Issue Date: 11/24/08 <br />VP Number of Pages: 1 <br />& Destruction Approved: BOCC <br />Teton County records must be retained according to Idaho Code 31-871, contractual requirements, and <br />county policies. County records may only be destroyed according to applicable law and only upon <br />Resolution by the Board after receiving advice from the County Prosecutor. <br />All questions regarding the retention or destruction of records should be directed to the responsible <br />Department Head or Elected Official. The Department Head or Elected Official should review the <br />Records Retention Manual and Records Retention Schedule prepared by the Idaho Association of <br />Counties in order to decide whether the records may be disposed of. If the Department Head or Elected <br />Official determines that the records may be disposed of, a records destruction request must be sent to the <br />County Prosecutor for review. The request shall include a detailed listing of the records to be destroyed. <br />The County Prosecutor will review the request and provide advice concerning the length of time that <br />specific records must be retained. If the records may be disposed of, a Resolution authorizing the <br />destruction of such records must be prepared and approved by the Board prior to the destruction of the <br />records. <br />However, if a digital version of a paper document has been created and retained in a searchable database, <br />the paper version may be destroyed without regard to the retention schedule and without a Resolution by <br />the Board. <br />Master copies of all paper and electronic records relating to Teton County business must be stored, kept <br />or saved on property owned or leased by Teton County. All email relating to Teton County business <br />should be done on the Teton County email system. Employees should not use personal email accounts for <br />Teton County business. If an employee creates electronic records, such as Word or Excel documents, on <br />hardware or software not owned by Teton County, the employee must ensure that a final version of such <br />electronic record is saved on the Teton County network. <br />Emails in an employee's "deleted" folder are automatically deleted from that folder after 60 days and are <br />permanently deleted from the server after 90 days. Emails in an elected official's "deleted" folder are <br />automatically deleted from that folder after 120 days and are permanently deleted from the server after <br />150 days. Emails in a "sent" folder are automatically deleted after 360 days. <br />The destruction of any county record that is related to ongoing, potential, threatened or reasonably <br />anticipated litigation is strictly prohibited. The destruction of any county record that must be retained for <br />any legal or contractual reason is also strictly prohibited. If any employee knows of ongoing, potential, <br />threatened or reasonably anticipated litigation that may be related to any county record, including any <br />electronic record, that is set to be destroyed or disposed of, that employee must inform the person <br />scheduling the records for destruction and the Department Head or Elected Official. <br />