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° TETON COUNTY ADMINISTRATIVE POLICIES Revision: 1Date: 07/23/12 <br />Petty Cash Original Issue Date: 6/15/11 <br />VP Number of Pages: 1 <br />Approved: BOCC <br />Petty cash is a small amount of cash maintained by an individual department to be used for making small, <br />infrequent expenditures. Maintaining a petty cash fund is discouraged, but if an Elected Official <br />determines such a fund is necessary, the following guidelines must be followed. <br />No more than $100 should be kept in petty cash. The Elected Official and/or Department Head must <br />ensure that the petty cash box is stored in a secured, locked location. A department's use of petty cash <br />should be infrequent and avoided whenever possible. Petty cash should be used for sudden, inexpensive <br />emergency items only when a direct billing relationship with a vendor does not exist. Petty cash is county <br />property and must not be loaned or borrowed for any purpose. <br />Petty cash funds should be balanced at least once a month. If miscellaneous small cash payments have <br />been placed into the petty cash box, the income should be accurately tracked and delivered to the <br />Auditor's office as revenue. If purchases have been made, the petty cash fund should be replenished <br />following the usual Claims procedure. Such deposits and replenishments should take place as part of the <br />monthly balancing, unless previous arrangements have been made with the Auditor's office. <br />The Auditor's office will utilize the form below to conduct periodic, unannounced reviews of cash <br />handling procedures and/or petty cash funds. The results of such a review will be provided to the Elected <br />Official and/or Department Head. If recommendations are made, the Elected Official or Department Head <br />must provide a written response. The County's independent auditor will be given a copy of all reviews, <br />recommendations and responses. <br />Unannounced Review of Cash Receipts and/or Petty Cash <br />Date of Review: <br />Office/Department: <br />Time of Review: <br />Amount Verified: $ Staff Member Witness: <br />Observations: <br />Recommendations (if any): <br />Signature of Reviewing Auditor: <br />❑ Recommendations were made and a response is required. Date response received: <br />