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st IIF rri Revision: 0 <br />TETON COUNTY ADMINISTRATIVE POLICIES Date: 11/23/15 <br />Non -Profit Funding Original Issue Date: 11/23/15 <br />• Number of Pages: 1 <br />• <br />Approved: BOCC <br />Contracts. Teton County funding may be available to qualified 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations <br />who contract with the county for the performance of specific services: (1) as allowed by state <br />statute; (2) in lieu of county employees providing such services; or (3) which reduce the burden on <br />county departments and employees. <br />Non-profit organizations wishing to provide services to the county must submit a completed "Non - <br />Profit Funding Request" form (Attachment A) to the County Clerk during the county's annual <br />budget process, which begins in April/May of each year. The form must be accompanied by: (1) <br />pages 1-2 of the organization's most recent IRS Form 990 or Form 990 -EZ; (2) financial statements <br />for the most recent year; and (3) current year-to-date financial statements. <br />Funding requests will be evaluated based upon authorizing statutes, services needing to be <br />performed by the county, tax dollars potentially saved, available funds, whether other resources are <br />available, and overall community needs. If county funding is approved, organizations must sign a <br />contract for services with Teton County. There should be no expectation of continued annual <br />funding. <br />Donations. Minimal County funding and/or in-kind services maybe available to qualified 501(c)(3) <br />non-profit organizations or local governmental entities in need of assistance with a particular project <br />or event. <br />