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Capital Assets <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />The following steps must be utilized by every Elected Official, Department Head, or Hiring <br />Official when hiring employees. <br /> <br />POSITION JUSTIFICATION <br /> Vacancies cannot be filled without verifying that the current Departmental workload has not changed <br />and that the current status of the County budget will allow the vacancy to be filled. <br /> Review the approved job description for the position you need to fill. If the job description is no <br />longer accurate, work with the County Executive Assistant to have the Job Description updated by <br />the County’s Human Resource consultant. <br /> Refer to the most current Pay Grade Chart to determine the pay grade for the position you need to <br />fill. <br /> Refer to the current Salary Plan Administrative Guidelines to determine the hiring pay rate for the <br />vacant position (86-90% of the Market Point). In general, the salary for all newly hired employees <br />will be 86% of the Market Point. <br /> <br />RECRUITMENT PROCESS <br /> Internal Hires: It is acceptable to internally hire or promote existing County employees to an open <br />position by first following the steps listed above. If hiring from County employees outside your <br />department, advertise the position to all employees via email. Interested employees should apply for <br />the position by submitting an application and any other required documentation as defined by the job <br />advertisement. Interviews of qualified applicants should follow the interview process defined below. <br /> External Hires: If hiring outside the County, you must first follow the steps listed above and then <br />advertise by posting the position on the Teton County website, Teton County Facebook page, the <br />Jackson Hole News and Guide and the Teton Valley News for a minimum of one week. It is also <br />advisable to post certain jobs on professional websites that apply to the position advertised. <br /> <br />APPLICATION REVIEW PROCESS <br /> Review all applications and determine how many applicants to interview. It is recommended to <br />interview all applicants who meet the minimum qualifications. <br /> If you do not receive qualified applicants, it is recommended to extend the deadline and advertise <br />again for the position. <br /> If you receive an overwhelming amount of applicants with a majority meeting the minimum <br />qualifications, it is permissible to increase the minimum qualifications, extend the deadline, and <br />advertise for the position again. <br /> <br />INTERVIEW PROCESS <br /> Determine who will be involved in the hiring process. It is advisable to always have more than one <br />interviewer present in each interview. <br /> Develop a list of questions that will be asked to every person interviewed. During a given interview, <br />certain responses may lead to other interview questions that apply only to that individual. Guidelines <br />for developing appropriate interview questions may be accessed on the Teton County server. <br /> Once interviews are complete, interview notes should be sent to the County’s Risk Manager. They <br />will be kept on file as a confidential County record for 4 years at which time they will be properly <br />destroyed in compliance with the State of Idaho Records Retention Schedule. <br /> Revision: 6 <br /> Date: 2/7/17 <br /> Original Issue Date: 9/27/10 <br /> Number of Pages: 2 <br /> Approved: BOCC <br />TETON COUNTY ADMINISTRATIVE POLICIES <br />Hiring Employees