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Be it ordained by the Board of County Commissioners of Teton County, Idaho that the following <br />ordinance be adopted and added as Chapter 8, Title 4 to the Code of Teton County. <br />Solid Waste and Recyclable Material Collection, Hauling, Management, <br />Transportation and Transfer Ordinance <br />The purpose of this Chapter is to: <br />(a) Promote recycling, the proper management of solid waste and recyclable materials and <br />diversion of solid waste from the landfill. <br />(b) Require that any and all haulers as defined herein become Teton County Authorized Haulers, <br />and abide by the rules and regulations set forth in their authorization agreement and this <br />ordinance. <br />(c) Contribute to the reduction of the total volume and weight of waste bound for the landfill. <br />(d) Establish requirements for transportation and management of solid waste and recyclable <br />materials generated in Teton County in order to increase the diversion of recyclable materials <br />from landfill disposal and direct the materials to the Teton County Transfer Station. <br />(e) Provide an enforcement mechanism to ensure proper collection of solid waste and recyclable <br />materials, regulated management of recyclable materials and provide protections against illegal <br />scavenging of materials. <br />(f) Provide an exemption for generators who self haul their solid waste or recyclables. <br />As used in this Chapter, the following terms shall have the following meanings: <br />Teton County includes the unincorporated County. <br />Administrator means the Teton County Transfer Station Manager and his or her designee. <br />Authorized Hauler means a Hauler who, by virtue of a valid written agreement with Teton <br />County, is authorized to collect, accept, sort, transport or otherwise transfer Solid Waste and <br />Recyclable Materials from Generators for a fee or profit through a proper permit, business <br />license or other regulatory structure or authorization issued by Teton County. <br />Collect or Collection means to take physical possession of and remove Solid Waste and <br />Recyclable Materials placed for collection in a designated area or receptacle. <br />Combination Services means services that include both Solid Waste collection, and Recyclable <br />Material collection for the purposes of recycling or diversion. <br />Customer means a Generator that contracts for Solid Waste and/or Recyclable Material removal <br />services and enters into a service agreement with a Hauler (must be an Authorized Hauler). <br />