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<br />City of Driggs Ordinance 325-11 Area of City Impact Teton County Code Title 7 Chapter 1 (amd 9/15/2011) 1 <br /> <br />TITLE 7 <br />CHAPTER 1 <br />DRIGGS AREA OF CITY IMPACT ORDINANCE <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />SECTION: <br />7-1-1: Statute Authority <br />7-1-2: Purpose and Intent <br />7-1-3: Map and Legal Description <br />7-1-4: Application of Comprehensive Plan And Zoning And Subdivision <br />Regulations; Conflicts <br />7-1-5: Administration and Enforcement <br />7-1-6: Amendments <br />7-1-1: STATUTUE AUTHORITY: The area of city impact is being adopted and <br />defined pursuant to Idaho Code section 67-6526, together with any and all amendments <br />thereto, pursuant to mutual agreement between the city and the county. <br />  <br />7-1-2: PURPOSE AND INTENT: <br />A. Purpose: The purpose of this chapter is to identify an area of impact surrounding the city <br />with due consideration being given to such factors as trade area, geographic factors, and <br />areas that can reasonably be expected to be annexed to the city in the future. <br />B. Intent: The intent of this chapter is to: <br />1. Define the geographic area of impact; <br />2. To set forth those ordinances which will be applicable to the area of impact; and <br />3. To comply with the applicable sections of Idaho Code title 67, Chapter 65, as set <br />forth by the Idaho legislature. <br />7-1-3: MAP AND LEGAL DESCRIPTION: <br />A. The boundaries and zoning district classifications of the Driggs area of city impact are <br />shown on the map entitled “Driggs Area of City Impact Zoning Map” dated February 17, <br />2011, a copy of which is on file in the City of Driggs Planning and Zoning office and the <br />Teton County Planning and Zoning office. The map and all information shown thereon <br />are by reference herein made a part of this chapter.