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PREFACE <br /> This volume of the county code of Teton County <br /> contains ordinances up to and including ordinance <br /> 052200, passed May 22, 2000, the amendments <br /> to the zoning ordinance through January 24, 2000, <br /> the amendments to the subdivision ordinance <br /> through September 25, 2000; and resolutions <br /> through resolution 010896, dated January 8, 1996. <br /> Ordinances and resolutions adopted after said <br /> ordinances and resolutions supersede the <br /> provisions of this county code to the extent that <br /> they are in conflict or inconsistent therewith. <br /> Consult the county office in order to ascertain <br /> whether any particular provision of the code has <br /> been amended, superseded or repealed. <br /> Sterling Codifiers, Inc. <br /> Coeur d'Alene, Idaho <br /> Teton County <br />